Poison Headlines Inaugural Class

Bret Michaels' acceptance speech

2020 Inaugural Class

Congratulations to the first SIX members of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame!

a special thank You From Rikki Rockett of Poison!

Rikki Rockett (drummer of Poison) expresses his thanks on behalf of Poison (formerly Paris)!

2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

Coming soon!



  • 1. Authorization: By authorization of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame (CPMHOF), the Board of Directors is authorized to hold an election every year for the purpose of electing members to the CPMHOF from the ranks of current/retired/deceased musicians, bands, and those entities who have been influential to growing and supporting the local music scene.

  • 2. Electors: Only active and honorary members of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors shall be eligible to vote. These members must be well-respected in the local music scene—and maintain this status.

  • 3. Eligible Candidates -- Candidates to be eligible must meet one (or more) of the following requirements: 

A. A(n) musician/band/entity (born in, from, or lived in [for a significant amount of time] Central Pennsylvania) that has “made it” on a national scale.

B. A(n) musician/band/entity must have dominated the local music scene in their respective genre for approximately ten (10) years. 

C. A(n) musician/band/entity must have made a lasting impact on the local music scene.

“Entity” can be defined as any venue owner/manager, music photographer, blogger, teacher, instrument shop owner, disc jockey, booking agent, recording studio owner, sound tech/engineer, producer, or anyone else who supports local music and is deemed “eligible” by the Board.

  • 4. Revocation – Any elected member of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame or appointed member of the Board of Directors may have their status as “member” revoked, if they do not maintain the status of a well-respected leader.

  • 5. Method of Election:

A. Two (2) members of the Board of Directors will simultaneously serve as “A Screening Committee.” The duty of the Screening Committee shall be to prepare a ballot listing in alphabetical order of eligible candidates and to ensure that the integrity of the voting process is fair and maintained.

B. An elector will vote for any number of candidates (that are on the ballot) that he/she deems worthy of election. Write-in votes are not permitted. Write-ins must be submitted formally in advance as nominations.

C. Nominations may be formally submitted by anyone (Board Member, fan, musician, layperson, etc.) in advance of the formal voting process. The Screening Committee will include all nominations – that meet the eligibility criteria set forth – on the official ballot.

D. Any candidate receiving votes on seventy-five percent (75%) of the ballots cast shall be elected to membership in the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame.

  • 6. Voting: Voting shall be based upon the entity’s resume/legacy, skill, musicianship, integrity, character, and contributions to the local, regional, and national music scene.

  • 7. Time of Election: Voting will be completed at the convenience of the Board of Directors (annually during the November/December timeframe). The vote shall then be tabulated by the duly authorized representatives of the Screening Committee. Inductions will be announced/released at the discretion of the President & Founder.

  • 8. Amendments: The Board of Directors of the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame reserves the right to revoke, alter, or amend these rules at any time.